The arts inspire us. They foster curiosity, provoke new ideas, and impel conversations. Throughout the year, Scalehouse presents exhibitions, events and speakers featuring artists, designers, writers, filmmakers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.

Bend Design’s all-new virtual conference convenes artists, designers and creative thinkers from a diverse range of practices and professions for talks, shows, workshops, screenings, and problem-solving sessions.

In partnership with OSU-Cascades and BendFilm, Scalehouse presents a variety of provocative films and programming throughout the year including the BendFilm Scramble and the Oregon State International Film Festival.

In collaboration with Arts & Culture Alliance and the City of Bend, Scalehouse introduced Bend’s first Creative Laureate Jason Graham, aka MOsley WOtta. He is an American visual artist, performer, educator, speaker, and hiphop producer residing in Central Oregon since 1992.

We are partnering with The Bulletin to raise funds to help Central Oregon’s creative artists -- musicians, visual artists, performers and creative workers — who have experienced financial loss and unexpected expenses due to COVID-19. 

The Scalehouse Gallery is located in the Tin Pan Alley in downtown Bend, is dedicated to the display and discussion of emerging and established contemporary artists.

Talks about imagery and ideas, practice and process, creativity and contemporary culture with artists and visionaries. In partnership with OSU-Cascades, these talks take place on the OSU-Cascades campus, or online.

Scalehouse Gallery is home to a variety of events including Scalehouse member appreciation night, artist talks, and exhibition openings. In addition, we also host events such as poetry readings, fundraising dinners, and cultural events supporting local nonprofits and social causes.