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Patricia Clark, founding Board member and driving force behind Scalehouse, was more than a master printmaker, professor and arts advocate – she pushed us to learn, to grow and most of all, to believe in ourselves. She was a dedicated artist and educator and mentored many prominent artists in Central Oregon with a film belief that artists of all levels benefit from exposure to studio time with other artists and the exploration of the process of making and discussing art. 

Application open May 1 - 31, 2024.

Apply here

Scalehouse’s Patricia Clark Studio Residency is seeking artists to apply for it’s July ‘24-Jan ‘25 residency. This cycle’s theme is Concepts in Storytelling - inviting artists working within any medium who are exploring narrative (personal, fictional, historical, etc). 

In Pat’s memory, Scalehouse Collaborative for the Arts is honored to offer a 6-month Artist in Residence program by providing FREE STUDIO SPACE to support artists, creative thinkers, designers, and the curious to explore the process of creativity connecting artists and audiences alike to boundary-pushing ideas, experiences, and expressions.

The Artist in Residency Program is an in-person program located in Bend, Oregon. Scalehouse does not cover living expenses or provide a stipend. Creatives of all mediums are welcome to apply.

The Patricia Clark Studio is located next door to the Scalehouse Gallery in the Franklin Crossing Building, in the Tin Pan Alley. Scalehouse Gallery is the home to the contemporary art space presenting bold, new work by artists representing a broad range of identities and perspectives which might not otherwise be seen in Bend. The Patricia Clark Studio and Scalehouse Gallery will connect audiences to boundary-pushing ideas, the creative practice, experiences, and expressions through direct access to artists. 

Pat gifted Scalehouse her collection of sketchbooks and selected arts which are housed at the Studio, and available to view or rent. Learn more about renting or viewing Pat's journals here.


Allie Blanchard:

Allie Blanchard (she/her) grew up in Florida, receiving a B.F.A. in drawing from the University of Florida in 2011, and an M.F.A. in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2013. Her mediums of focus are drawing and painting, but she has also worked in printmaking, collage, and occasionally sculpture. Her work focuses on portraiture as an exploration of mental health and the mind, and as a reflection of social justice. Her work was published in the SF Chronicle in 2012. She currently lives and works in Bend, OR, working as an interior designer, and drawing creative inspiration from her love of nature, live music, mutual aid and protest.

Learn more about Allie at:

Bergen Bock:

Born in California and raised in the Bay Area, Bergen has been influenced by the folk and street art of their youth, using vivid hues and movements to convey emotions. After spending fifteen years in the rugged north of Alaska, they now reside in Bend, Oregon.

Love of the human form, bold mark making, polychromatic schemas, and overlapping artistic inspirations have all guided them throughout their artistic journey.

​Learn more about Bergen at:


Maija Kellner-Rode:

Maija is a painter, illustrator, writer, dancer, maker and mentor. Growing up in Alaska, Momma Earth became her main muse from a young age. Living in such a wild and untamed place gave her an undeniable appreciation and love for our planet and the deep knowing that our Earth heals. From solstice to solstice, as the seasons change, she is inspired by Earth’s broad landscapes and micro eco systems. Each reality birthing new life full of color and texture. Flora continuously emerges throughout her art in metaphor. Finding inspiration from found objects in nature, stringing them together to make mobiles, wall hangings and collage.

Maija’s creative practice is rooted in the somatic and intuitive realm. Where mindfulness, messiness and the body intersect. There is no right or wrong. Using layers of color and texture, scribbling over and etching away; she explores her surrounding environments, her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. Self reflection, curiosity & personal development guide her process. The past, present and future collide as she scrubs away at layers of paint previously applied while reapplying fresh coats of possibility. Constantly aware of her response from the previous artistic choice; Maija strives to create interdependent art work, each choice dependent on the next to create a whole. Through creative exploration, she unravels the nuances of joy, struggle and the invisibility she feels in her queer identity as a cis-femme queer woman, her connection to her Latvian and Jewish heritage, and to the trauma and grief centered around her relationship to her father and his passing.

Maija recently relocated to Bend to be closer to family in 2021. She is currently enrolled in the Expressive Arts and Somatic Therapy Certificate program through Tamalpa Institute and is the owner and designer behind Maija Rebecca Hand Drawn, a paper goods and design company.

Learn more about Maija at: and

Erin Bodfish:

Erin Bodfish is a painter, florist, and writer based in Oregon. Her work is largely influenced by the conceptual deconstruction of traditional methods of painting, and the use of the body as a tool in art making. She is drawn to the use of raw materials, and conceptually focuses on the in-materials, those materials in which we do not see. Bodfish completed her dual Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Studies and Masters of Arts in Critical Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Oregon State University along with a minor in applied visual arts focused in painting. Bodfish is currently an instructor of Art and Art History at Oregon State-Cascades in Bend, OR.

Learn more about Erin at:

June Park:

June expresses in their art the energy between the natural world and their identities as a Korean, American, immigrant, non-binary femme, and lover of outdoor/rural life. They hope their flavor of "just being" encourages others to acknowledge and celebrate the multitude of identities we each hold. None of us wants to be boxed into stereotypes that don't fit.

Their family immigrated to Moscow, Idaho from Seoul, South Korea when June was an infant. June ran wild outdoors throughout their childhood, and now continues to run wild in Central Oregon.  As a life-long creator, artist, and writer, most of the inspiration for their art is drawn from the rhythm and energy of the natural world, and the perspective they've gained moving through this world as a queer person of color who grew up in rural America.

Harnessing energy for their creativity also means making sure to give back to the communities and landscapes that inspire their art. Growing up in a small town and being raised with Korean values have given them a strong sense of respect and love for the outdoors and communities that take care of each other. They commit to always give a portion of their revenue to supporting the local communities and preservation efforts in the places that inspire them.

They currently live in Bend, OR with their husband Chris and rambunctious rescue dog Leche. The trio can be found wandering around the trails, lakes, and rivers in the surrounding area.


Learn more about June at

Jake Kenobi:

Jake Kenobi, working under the moniker Spring Break Jake, is on a mission to make the world more fun than he found it without shying away from the many issues facing us today. He creates illustrative abstract art with a message, putting a special focus on challenging our notions of patriarchal masculinity and reducing the stigmas around vulnerability when it comes to mental health. Best summarized by simple skulls & palm trees, he uses the juxtaposition of darker, macabre imagery with bright, tropical iconography & color palettes to encourage the viewer to embrace the good & the bad, as well as our inner & outer worlds, in the hopes of making the heavier parts of life feel conquerable.

Learn more about Jake at

About Pat:

After a celebrated career as Chair of the Art Department at California State University, Long Beach, Clark retired and brought her passion and advocacy to Bend. The master printmaker founded Atelier 6000 in 2007, a center for printmaking and book arts, and Bend Art Center. Clark quickly endeared herself to the arts community as she continued her work in uniting and building support for the community.

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