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THE ANNEX: A Scalehouse Project located in the atrium of Franklin Crossing is the latest program from Scalehouse Collaborative for the Arts. The ANNEX is a space dedicated to showing emerging local artists. Through an open online application, artists will submit work and proposals. We’re delighted to support local artists with a space to show new works, gain experience and exposure in the field, and add to Scalehouse’s mission of building community around arts and culture events. If you are interested in exhibiting at The Annex, please fill out this form.  View previous Annex Artists here.

Current Exhibit: Nature's Luminescence within the Human Spirit featuring Elif Koyutürk

May 29 - July 20, 2023

Welcome to "Nature's Luminescence within the Human Spirit" exhibition, a captivating exploration of the profound interconnections between nature, the human spirit, and the unseen realms. Through a collection of evocative photographs, we embark on a transformative journey, delving into the depths of our inner selves and embracing the ethereal whispers that guide us.


In this exhibition, the artistry of light and shadow intertwines with the essence of wildness and luminescence. Each photograph serves as a portal, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate dance between the seen and unseen, the intellect and truth, and the convergence of the physical and spiritual realms.


The collection unfolds like chapters of a poetic story, unveiling the profound beauty that emerges when we connect with nature, nurture our wild spirit, and surrender to the guidance of our inner divine spark. It speaks to the timeless quest for self-discovery, inviting us to explore the depths of our souls and celebrate the transformative power that resides within us all.


As you wander through the exhibition, allow yourself to be immersed in the symphony of color, texture, and symbolism that unfolds before your eyes. Let the photographs awaken your senses and evoke a sense of wonder, encouraging introspection and contemplation of the interconnectedness between nature and the human experience.


"Nature's Luminescence within the Human Spirit" beckons you to embrace your own journey of becoming, to listen to the unspoken language of the lands, and to discover the radiant light that settles between intellect and truth. It is an invitation to honor the wildness within, to embark on a sacred dialogue with nature, and to transcend the boundaries of the physical world as we merge with the unseen.

Join us in this ethereal reverie, where the spirit is guided, the soul is nourished, and the transformative power of art illuminates the path towards self-discovery and profound connection.

About Elif Koyutürk

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Elif Koyutürk is an artist who delves into the aesthetics of invisible emotions, inviting viewers to introspect and explore their inner realms. Through film, painting, and photography, she captures fleeting cultures and indigenous practices, embarking on global journeys to uncover the raw authenticity that humanity embodies.


Drawing inspiration from those who push the boundaries of their life's purpose, Elif seeks out individuals on the fringes, driven by their own wild calling. Growing up amidst the mountains of Ancient Mesopotamia, she developed a profound connection with Mother Nature, mesmerized by the abundance and enigma of the natural world.


Elif's artistic creations and studies harmoniously reflect the pure essence of her subjects, capturing nature's intended beauty. Her captivating imagery serves as a compass, guiding viewers to discover their own North Stars and find the courage to break free from self-imposed limitations.


As a documentary filmmaker and photography artist, Elif intertwines foreign concepts with golden threads, weaving narratives that birth understanding. Her compositions, colors, perspectives, and mastery of light strike viewers with undeniable impact, leaving no room for indifference.


Her approach to life and art is unfiltered and straightforward. Each project becomes a personal challenge, driven by the desire to communicate stories of genuine hearts and authentic nature. Elif's humanitarian endeavors extend beyond her artistic pursuits, as she has dedicated time to support refugees in war-torn Syria, children in impoverished Turkish villages, and under-resourced youth in inner-city areas of the United States. In her commitment to giving back, she established Art for Humanity, a program that raises funds for victims of Turkey's earthquakes through the sale of limited edition prints.


With unwavering passion and a raw artistic vision, Elif Koyutürk captures the essence of the human experience, revealing the beauty that lies within untold stories and unexplored landscapes.

Nature's Luminescence within the Human Spirit Featuring Elif Koyutürk

May 29 - July 20, 2023

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