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Spring Awakening featuring Maija Kellner-Rode

May 1 - June 27, 2024

Maija Kellner-Rode is an abstract painter, illustrator, writer, dancer, and mentor. Growing up in Alaska, Momma Earth became her main muse from a young age. Living in such a wild and untamed place gave her an undeniable appreciation and love for our planet and the deep knowing that our Earth heals. As spring emerges from the winter’s thaw, Maija’s artwork inspires the felt sense that hope is on the horizon. Brush strokes birth new life full of color and texture. Each piece is a journey through the tangled underbrush of existence, where light filters through shadows, seeking clarity. As she creates, Maija sifts through the sediment of the human experience, unearthing the raw, unspoken truths that lie buried beneath layers of forgotten seasons.


Maija’s creative practice is rooted in
the somatic and intuitive realm where
mindfulness, messiness and the body
intersect. Using layers of color and texture,
scribbling over and etching away; she explores
her surrounding environments, her mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual states. The
past, present and future collide as she scrubs
away at layers of paint previously applied
while reapplying fresh coats of possibility.
Constantly aware of her response from the previous artistic choice, Maija strives to create interdependent art work, each choice dependent on the next to create a whole.

Maija is currently enrolled in the Expressive Arts and Somatic Therapy program through Tamalpa Institute and is the owner of Maija Rebecca Hand Drawn, a paper goods and design company. In collaboration with Claire Brislin, Maija is also starting a non-profit creative arts center for middle and high school aged youth in Central Oregon.

THE ANNEX: A Scalehouse Project located in the atrium of Franklin Crossing is the latest program from Scalehouse Collaborative for the Arts. Through an online application, artists will submit work and proposals. We are delighted to support local artists with a space to show new works, gain experience and exposure in the field, and add to Scalehouse's mission of building community around arts and culture events. View previous Annex Artists here.

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