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THE ANNEX: A Scalehouse Project located in the atrium of Franklin Crossing is the latest program from Scalehouse Collaborative for the Arts. The ANNEX is a space dedicated to showing emerging local artists. Through an open online application, artists will submit work and proposals. We’re delighted to support local artists with a space to show new works, gain experience and exposure in the field, and add to Scalehouse’s mission of building community around arts and culture events. If you are interested in exhibiting at The Annex, please fill out this form.  View previous Annex Artists here.

Current Exhibit: Beneath the Waves featuring Spring Break Jake

January 24 – March 24, 2023

Beneath the Waves is an emotional body of illustrative abstract expressionist paintings, created mainly with acrylic & enamel paints on homemade wood panels, sometimes including upcycled trash adhered to the surface for added depth and texture. The work encourages the viewer to practice radical vulnerability in their day-to-day lives, as well as the acceptance of others’ vulnerability, about the all-too-often unspoken depths of the endless sea in our skulls. Through the predominant use of skeletal & macabre imagery, I show our physical insides to convey the idea of showing our emotional insides. We can find solidarity, empathy, and understanding for one another through the simple fact that we all go through hardships, even the reaper themselves. While each piece speaks to the broader human condition, it is the hope that these messages could show even one person that there are more empathetic ways of existing that are based in love instead of the greed, power, and control that maintain our present systems. I firmly believe that this shift is necessary to solve issues such as climate change, racism, sexism, and more. We need to first create a foundation of compassion for each other that can only come about through finding common ground over our inner oceans.

About Spring Break Jake

Jake Kenobi, working under the moniker Spring Break Jake, is on a mission to make the world more fun than he found it without shying away from the many issues facing us today. He creates illustrative abstract art with a message, putting a special focus on challenging our notions of patriarchal masculinity and reducing the stigmas around vulnerability when it comes to mental health. Best summarized by simple skulls & palm trees, he uses the juxtaposition of darker, macabre imagery with bright, tropical iconography & color palettes to encourage the viewer to embrace the good & the bad, as well as our inner & outer worlds, in the hopes of making the heavier parts of life feel conquerable. Learn more about Jake at

Beneath the Waves Featuring Spring Break Jake

January 24 – March 24, 2023

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