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In partnership with Julia Reynolds, art educator at Caldera High School and Bend LaPine Schools Arts (Educator) Liaison, Scalehouse is presenting a new pilot program, Scalehouse  Art Lab Arts Education Program for both art educators and students in the Bend La Pine School District.


Scalehouse Art Lab Arts Education Program is an innovative initiative designed to empower and inspire art educators and middle and high school students through immersive contemporary arts education. By blending traditional techniques with new approaches, this program aims to ignite creativity, foster critical thinking, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

FOR ART EDUCATORS, Scalehouse Art Lab is dedicated to enhancing the skills, knowledge, and professional development of adult art educators in the dynamic landscape of contemporary arts education. This program recognizes the evolving nature of artistic practices and aims to equip educators with the tools and insights needed to inspire the next generation of artists. In Art is Work Workshops with artist and Scalehouse Board Member, Nancy Floyd, educators are provided with professional development workshops as well as space to build community. Art is Work workshops are open to Art Educators. If you are interested in joining an Art is Work workshop, please email

FOR STUDENTS, Scalehouse Art Lab Creative Academy provides contemporary art education aligned with Scalehouse's programs with hands-on projects, collaborative initiatives, and exhibitions. Through educational interactions, individuals will gain the confidence to share their voice and address issues impacting their world. 

Art Lab Creative Academy is currently offering field-trip opportunities to the gallery. If you are interested in visiting the gallery for a field trip, please fill out this form.

Scalehouse recognizes the barriers in field-trip opportunities. For possibilities to collaborate with Scalehouse Art Lab Creative Academy in bringing contemporary arts educational programming to your middle or  high school classroom, please email

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