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Community-Based Mural Project

The Community-Based Mural Project uses art and creativity to provoke thought, challenge assumptions and encourage a healthy and constructive civic dialogue about houselessness. A team of artists created a mural in the Downtown Bend parking garage supported by three members of our unhoused community (Support Artists). All artists were compensated for their participation, and the project was led by three Creative Leads: Evan Namkung, Allie Stoddard, and Marley Weedman. Funding for this project was provided from The City of Bend.


Centennial Parking Plaza, 750 NW Lava Rd, Bend, OR 97703 (Interior mural)

Houselessness in Bend

Our community is joining forces to address houselessness. The causes of houselessness are many, from poor health to family breakups, a lost job, or a lifetime of abuse and trauma. But there’s also a common thread: a lack of affordable housing and rising rental prices.


    • All hands are on deck from dozens of organizations serving our region’s houseless populations (aka service providers), local government, business community, faith-based organizations, school districts, and other community partners.

      • A regional collaborative office has been established to operationalize our effort. They will lead the implementation of our community-wide strategic plan and support community partners in strengthening and streamlining service provision. They will also focus on affordable housing development and support a shared set of principles, priorities, and strategies. 

  • HOW MANY HOUSELESS? 1,467 people were houseless in Deschutes County in January 2023. (Data from Homeless Leadership Coalition’s 2023 Point-in-Time (PIT) count)

    • UNSHELTERED: 1,076 or 73% are unsheltered (on the streets, encampment areas, cars/vans, RVs) 

      • 73% is of the highest rates of unsheltered in the United States

    • Click here for details.

  • HOW MANY STUDENTS HOUSELESS? 676 students in Deschutes County (ages 0-18) were identified as houseless as of June 14, 2023.

    • UNACCOMPANIED YOUTH: 152 of the 676 students are unaccompanied houseless youth. (Source: McKinney Vento Liaison and Bend-LaPine, Sisters, and Redmond School District Homeless Liaisons)


Learn more about Houselessness in Deschutes here.

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