Now in its Fourth season, Scalehouse Voices is a series of talks with local and visiting artists and scholars, exploring ideas and techniques, practice and process, creativity and culture. We feature fresh voices, perspectives, and ideas of nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, designers, and scholars. We’re excited to launch the 2021 Virtual Voices Series with Daniela Repas on April 8th, 2021 at 6:00pm. Reserve your tickets today.

Daniela Repas is an animation and time based media artist. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Daniela as she discusses process, strategy and storytelling as modular units of her work in a talk titled The Still Line of a Movement. The still line of a movement captures the progression of (Daniela Repas’) art practice through multiplicity of mediums. With the central theme rooted in Bosnian culture and diaspora, the artist will discuss process, strategy and storytelling as modular units of her work.

Daniela Repas is a Bosnian born visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work depicts storytelling through multiple mediums, from drawing and animation to installation and film. She has shown her work nationally and internationally, participating as an artist, a curator and as one of the founding members of DripDrop collective. She is a recipient of the prestigious Dorothy Lemelson Scholarship and an alumna of the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she earned an MFA in Visual Studies.


Her debut as a film director of the award-winning short film Mnemonics steered her work to the intersection of film and art. In 2019 she was a recipient of the Princess Grace Award for film and in 2020 became an IEFTA selected emerging filmmaker. Learn more about Daniela Repas.