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Kait Kenobi of Midnight Grim uses emotion, exploration, and unconventional ideas to create authentically unique brand identities + scary good designs. She is passionate about finding the unique qualities in the people around her and help to highlight those attributes in life and in business. She’s a huge supporter of the weird things in life, because boring sucks.

When Kait isn’t running a successful brand design business, she is successfully watching every bad horror movie ever made. She lives in Bend with her family and enormous dog. Learn more at

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SESSION: Workshop

Friday, October 27, 8:30-10:00am

The Weirdest Person in the Room: How to Stand Out and Succeed by Harnessing Your Inner Weirdo

This workshop will be a quick dip into my professional story followed by exercises helping participants find and embrace their authenticity: How I went from generic ‘graphic designer’ to fulfilled and flourishing brand designer by embracing my authentic self; Clients now feel magnetized to me and my mission and I’ve never been happier. Participants will walk away with practical tools and insights to identify their own unique qualities and express them authentically in their branding, unlocking the power of self-expression to attract their ideal clients and achieve greater fulfillment in their work.

Stay tuned for 2024 updates!

Kait Kenobi

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