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July 7 - August 26, 2023

Ballyhoo, new works from Oregon artist David Eckard, is a collection of imaginary constructions and surreal imagery that utilize a diverse range of materials and techniques. These works, existing between sculpture, drawing, and painting, depict abstracted biomorphic and sexualized images that explore the human body as a site of personal and collective narratives, expressed desires, potential, and trauma.

About David Eckard:

David Eckard utilizes diverse materials, techniques and presentational strategies in his studio practice. Futility, function, authority, queer masculinity and persona are the primary notions investigated, critiqued, and exploited in his work. Eckard fabricates fictive artifacts and enigmatic objects with a variety of materials and techniques. These sculptures exist as singular objects, installation components and performance props. His rendered works on panel and paper are biomorphic, sexualized schematics that address the body as carrier of histories, fantasies, potential and trauma. Through performance, Eckard orchestrates transient theatrics and deploys temporary monuments in civic spaces for incidental audiences.


Eckard has exhibited internationally and his work has been reviewed in Art in America, Sculpture, Flash Art, The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and Artnews. He is the recipient of multiple fellowships and awards including the Individual Artist Fellowship (2015, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR), the Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts (2010, Ford Family Foundation, Portland, OR) and the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship (2010, Portland, OR).


He is an Associate Professor and Head of the Sculpture Department at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

David Eckard

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