Excuse Me: a Structural Device for Visual Communication

January  7 - February 26, 2022

"Excuse Me: a Structural Device for Visual Communication" is a collaborative exhibition from Danger Punch and FO(u)RT art collectives. Each week will showcase the work of an individual artist in response to a single poem by Dr. Jenna Goldsmith. This series of rapid exhibitions will highlight the similarities and differences of written word and visual art, informing each other while also pushing against each other.

Exhibition Schedule:

Jan 7-8: General opening

Jan 12-15: Lauren Seiffert

Jan 19-22: Sarah Abbott

Jan 26-29: Tim Janchar

Feb 2-5: Kiel Fletcher

Feb 9-12: A.C.M. Lorish

Feb 16-19: Jessie Spiess Werner

Feb 23-26: Rachel Wolf


About Danger Punch: 

Danger Punch is an interdisciplinary collective from Portland, Oregon. Simple ideas are taken and collectively developed, both in the conceptual and technical aspect, through a devoted practice rooted in the process of making. Projects are thematically temporal, and aim to create a byproduct of fearless art making. 


Visit dangerpunch.rocks


About FO(u)RT Collective: 

FO(u)RT Collective is a multi-disciplinary collective comprised of four artists whose combined conceptual interests drive their creative practices and research inquiries. Based in Portland Oregon - Sarah Abbott, Lauren Seiffert, Jessie Spiess & Rachel Wolf - the members of FO(u)RT, individually and collectively engage a variety of artistic practices, including but not limited to: photography, sculpture, installation, printmaking, collage, writing, and video. Their breadth of experience through practice and personal histories provides FO(u)RT with a broad spectrum of visions and voices, which culminates in collective works, exhibitions, and public & private events. 


Visit fourtcollective.com

Danger Punch Members:


Kiel Fletcher



Jenna Goldsmith, PhD



Tim Janchar



A.C.M. Lorish


Fo(u)rt Members:


Sarah Abbott



Lauren Seiffert



Jessie Spiess Werner



Rachel Wolf


Danger Punch & FO(u)RT Collectives