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January 6 - February 26, 2023

In Unfixed, Akihiko Miyoshi reimagines photographs as magical objects whose potential is not yet concrete, colonized, or mined for data and information. Miyoshi's work results from his unique process of printing digitized 35 mm negatives on silk which are then layered in between coats of resin to create an object that reflects the active experience of looking at an image still contiguous to the world not entirely fixed. The works recall how alive and full of potential something can be by merely being connected to the world while simultaneously mourning a loss that has yet to come.

About Akihiko Miyoshi:
Born in Japan, Akihiko Miyoshi received his MFA in photography in 2005 from the Rochester Institute of Technology after leaving a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue art.


Miyoshi is a photography and digital media professor at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. His exhibitions include shows in Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Germany, and Canada. He was named the International Award Winner of Fellowship 12 at The Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA, and the finalist for the Betty Bowen Award from the Seattle Art Museum in 2012 and Aperture Portfolio Prize in 2013. Miyoshi received a Hallie Ford Fellowship in 2012. Circuit Gallery, Toronto, represents him.

Headshot by Sam Gehrke.

Exhibition funded in part by Stillman Drake Fund, Reed College.

Akihiko Miyoshi

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