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Jason Sturgill is a former graphic designer turned art director and illustrator. He grew up thinking he couldn’t draw and it wasn’t until he was in his 30s that he put the proverbial pencil to paper. Jason unknowingly has always been a fan of illustration from a young age through his fascination with skateboard and album art. This love of art led him to start an online art gallery in 2001 while he was working as an interactive producer at Wieden+Kennedy. His professional career started in advertising in a non-creative capacity but after having cancer at the age of 28 he made a concerted effort to switch to design eventually working for Dark Horse Comics and Nike Skateboarding before pivoting into illustration. After working for several years as a professional illustrator Jason found out he had Bipolar 2 disorder and has integrated mental health advocacy in his personal work that he regularly shares through his Instagram account. You can check out some of that work by following him at @jgspdx. Learn more at

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SESSION: Workshop

Friday, October 27, 8:30-10:00am


At some point when you’re young, some people start to think they can’t draw. They go from the innocence and joy of using crayons to make a picture for their parents, to being self-conscious that they aren’t naturally gifted like that one kid in class and so that must mean they can’t draw. When in reality we all can draw, we have all the tools and skill that we need. During this workshop Jason will help find that ability you’ve had in you all along.

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Jason Sturgill

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