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Dylan Beck

In The Bardo: Existential Ecological Dreamscapes

July 5 - August 31, 2024

First Friday Opening

Friday, July 5th

Scalehouse Gallery

5:00 - 7:00pm

Artist Talk

Saturday, July 6th

Scalehouse Gallery

12:00 - 1:00pm

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Summer Book Club: "Being Ecological" by Timothy Morton, hosted by Dylan Beck

Saturday, August 24th


10:00 - 11:30am

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Dylan Beck's In The Bardo offers a profound exploration of humanity's relationship with nature. Through captivating installations and enigmatic ritual objects, Beck delves into the complexities of control, interaction, and dependence on the non-human realm. Evoking the human psyche grappling with a stark question – are we nature's conductors or participants? In The Bardo promises a formally rich exploration of our fragile coexistence.

About Dylan Beck:

Portland-based sculptor and educator Dylan Beck crafts sculptures and utilitarian pottery in his home studio. Inspired by landscapes and the built environment, Beck's artwork delves into humanity's role within the ecosystem, prompting viewers to consider our relationship with nature. His pieces range between admiration and critique, reflecting his own experiences exploring the Pacific Northwest's wilderness. A seasoned educator, Beck previously held leadership positions at Kansas State University and Oregon College of Art and Craft and currently teaches at PNCA and manages the 3D art program at Lewis & Clark College. His acclaimed works have been featured in international exhibitions and grace prestigious public and private collections.

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