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October 26 - 27, 2023

Speakers, Films, Creativity & Conversation for Designers, Changemakers and the Curious

Thank you for attending Bend Design 2023!

CCO & Founder of Cutwater

Storyteller + Mentor + Creative

VP of Creative at Instrument

Designer + Illustrator + Creative Educator

Futurist / Deep Learning Engineer at Iterate Labs

Futurist + Designer + Researcher

Educator (the-what-if-but-not-for-the-sake-of-it-kind)  

Traveler + Observer + Seeker

Social Worker and Program Director

Creative + Leader + Neighbor

Non-Profit Director

Community Organizer + Builder + Project Manager

Creative Director 

Social Impact Curator + Experience Designer + Multi Media Artist 

Illustrator/Art Director

Curious + Collaborative + Conceptual

Footwear Designer

Creative + Artist + Thinker

Leadership Coach

Leader + Catalyst + Writer

Brand Designer + Creative Consultant at Midnight Grim

Designer + Goblin + Weirdo

Indigenous Futurist

Visual Storyteller + Conduit + Innovator

Brand Designer and Founder at IP Design Studio

Creativity-Focused + Boundary-Pusher + Community-Builder

2023 Speakers, Experts, and Leaders

Collaboration, relentless curiosity and a daring expression of design can change everything. Bend Design 2023 promised to do just that by bringing together bold minds, thinkers and doers in AI, visual storytelling, graphic activism, branding and more. 


Bend Design is a two-day creative conference with talks, problem-solving workshops, films, and experiences challenging designers to think differently and design with the future in mind. This event focuses on the importance of reality in the design process — bringing together speakers from various disciplines to highlight the impact design can have. Bend Design is for designers, architects, developers, researchers, product managers, SEO gurus, librarians, artists – anyone looking for inspiration and connection. 


Put your deadlines to the side and take space to grow your personal knowledge and creative connections. Attendees can expect to gain insight into numerous fields and disciplines, walking away with a new network and awareness for a wide variety of creative endeavors.

Questions? Please visit our FAQ page.

The 2023 AI images were designed by Heather Crank at Crahmanti.

Thank you to our generous 2023 sponsors!

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