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The Block Project

The Block Project

Community Organizers addressing houselessness.

The BLOCK Project is a Seattle based initiative that weaves the cornerstones of community, sustainability and innovation together to address the now 8-year long declared crisis of homelessness in our region. With innovation, design, over 2,000 volunteers and a high rate of success in keeping people housed, Bernard Troyer and Phoebe Anderson-Kline share how the BLOCK Project has evolved to be the most affordable and sustainable community supported permanent housing solution on the market.

Phoebe has an MSW with a focus in administration and policy. With over ten years of social work experience working with historically excluded and marginalized communities, and personally impacted by homelessness in her family, Phoebe has been with Facing Homelessness and the BLOCK Project for nearly 3 years. She leads the Facing Homelessness community programs including BLOCK Host, Resident and Companionship programming, Window of Kindness policies and procedures, and currently is responsible for our Ethical Storytelling and Communications. Outside of work, Phoebe loves escaping to the outdoors, gardening and spending time with her community.


Bernard has been with Facing Homelessness and The BLOCK Project for six years. He has built every BLOCK Home. With over 15 years of construction and project management experience, he’s overseen the BLOCK Project from becoming a compelling idea, to the most affordable housing solution that exists in Seattle. He has also overseen over 20,000 hours of community volunteer efforts creating lasting relationships and impacts that resulted in the portfolio of BLOCK homes, and nearly $1 million of in-kind donations. His efforts reduced construction costs by 40% and have created the potential for the BLOCK Project to scale building one home every week.

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