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Land, Light and Life: Nature through the Eyes of Artists explores the broad range of strategies used by six contemporary artists to examine the natural world. Artists Andrew Myers, Michael Boonstra, Nancy Watterson Scharf, Monica Helms, Kendra Larson and Craig Goodworth each interpret nature from their own, unique perspective and in a variety of media. Their chosen subjects include a love of aerial photographs of the desert, the dazzling effects of light in the landscape, celebrating the rich visual diversity of life and concern about the rising toll of mass-extinction.  

The exhibition is a collaboration between the High Desert Museum and At Liberty, Bend's new art space and cultural hub. Land, Light and Life: Nature through the Eyes of Artists represents the Museum’s commitment to community outreach and offers the public an opportunity to experience contemporary art in historic downtown Bend. Learn more about The High Desert Museum here.

Michael Boonstra Spending Time No 4


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