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Scalehouse is committed to providing programming that’s accessible yet provocative, extraordinary yet inclusive, and always with an eye toward a better future for all of us — all of us, starts with supporting artists and creative workers and finding ways for all communities to have equitable access to the arts. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability and economic disparities have excluded many from participating in arts and cultural events. 

The unprecedented events of 2020 have created uncertainty and financial loss for artists and creative workers with cancelled events, closures and postponed work. 

With small awards, the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund supports creative workers and artists who have experienced financial loss and unexpected expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund is open to all creative workers and artists and will provide awards up to $500. Here’s how you can get involved.

Donate to support artists and our creative community in Central Oregon. Please join us in supporting our creative economy. Donations to the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund will be distributed directly to artists and creative workers in need.

Apply to support your work and ideas so art and creativity can continue to thrive in our community. As of today, we have enough funds to gift 12 awards at the $500 level. We will continue to fundraise through the end-of-the year to generate more funds towards this effort. 


Thank you to Brooks Resources and El Dorado Community Foundation


What is the Creative Relief Fund?

The purpose of the Creative Relief Fund is to provide short-term, immediate relief to creative thinkers and artists who are facing lost income or unexpected expenses due to COVID-19 causing disruption to their economic and social security. The Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund is shaped by Scalehouse’s values:

  • Scalehouse believes that our shared future presents complex challenges and opportunities, not just benefiting from creativity but requiring it.
  • Scalehouse is working to convene diverse thinkers and promote collaboration through visual arts, performing arts, architecture and design, film and storytelling, and conceptual arts and activism, in order to catalyze the kind of creative synthesis that’s impossible in isolation.
  • Scalehouse is committed to programming that’s accessible yet provocative, extraordinary yet inclusive, and always with an eye toward a better future for all of us.
If you are an artist/creative worker who has suffered financial losses as the result of a project cancelation or postponement due to COVID-19 and live in Jefferson County, Crook and Deschutes Counties, you can apply for relief through our Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund.

Who can apply?

The Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund is designed to be open to artists/creatives at all levels of their careers, in a broad variety of disciplines, and at small amounts so that we can fund moreartists/creatives including yet not limited to:

  • Artists
  • Freelancers providing creative services
  • Art administrators
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Interior designers
  • Musicians

Are there guidelines?

The Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund supplies monies to help cover unexpected expenses and any financial needs directly resulting from COVID-19. Applications open January 25 and are due March 1. Applicants will be notified March 12. Payments will be mailed week of March 12. Applicants may apply for up to $500. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and are subject to approval and available funds.

How do I apply?

We take applications online for the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund, so we can centralize tracking and data collection. We will also take applications over the phone, talking through the application while filling out the form. The guidelines and application are found here. This application was made using Formstack, which is the platform we use for forms and registrations. You can use whatever form creation and information gathering service you choose. Because application submissions may contain sensitive information (and possibly even medical information), form submissions are encrypted and password protected. We do not share information about applicants or recipients unless we have specific permission from the artist to share their story with the public. The purpose of the application is to verify that the emergency event meets the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund, to verify creative and artistic practice, and to collect the information we need to process the request.

What contact information do I need?

Because our Fund is limited to those living in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson county, we look at the mailing address when reviewing applications. Phone number or email address.

Proof of Creative/Artistic Practice

We ask that artists and creative workers verify their artistic practice by:

  • Providing three sentences about what kind of art they do.
  • Uploading a resume or give us a link to website where their work is online. Examples include a professional website, a photo or video of their work, or a social media account with posters advertising their gigs. Share your social media posts or accounts if this is where your feature your work.

Creative/Artist’s Declaration of Need

We ask creatives/artists to describe their emergency simply (brief) so we can better understand if it fits the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund Guidelines. Creative/Artists can apply for funds due to cancelled works, gigs or opportunities. The application asks: "tell us about the income you've lost due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and how the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund grant will help.”* Artists also must tell us how much funding they request. Most artists request $500, which is our Fund limit.

How will I receive payment?

A check will be mailed.

Terms and Conditions

Creatives/artists must understand the following items before submitting the application.

  • I hereby state that all elements of this application are true.
  • I understand that this application is subject to approval by the Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund Committee and Board of Directors and available funding.
The Scalehouse Creative Relief Fund will keep all applications on file and revisit at each funding stage.