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SESSION: Friday, October 22, 3:30-4:30pm, In-Person

Documentary Sound Design: Where Subtlety Meets Significance

Robb Mills dives into his role as Sound Designer on the Oscar-nominated documentary Hunger Ward, an unflinching spotlight on the weaponization of food in Yemen's tragically overlooked and ongoing civil war. Learn about his intensely collaborative process with the filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald to subtly recreate and augment the sound in many scenes, returning them to their original emotional depth without fictionalizing or overreaching the intended narrative.



Robb Mills has over 20 years of professional audio production experience as a BAFTA-nominated sound designer, music composer and audio specialist for video games, advertising, and short films. From Sci-Fi horror blockbusters to children's educational games to mobile apps, there's little Robb hasn't done.


He recently contributed sound design to Hunger Ward, the 2021 Oscar-nominated Best Documentary Short that chronicles the efforts of healthcare workers to thwart the mass starvation of innocent children during the ongoing (yet forgotten) war in Yemen. As a craft, Robb believes sound and music are an ever-fluctuating source of creativity and service. 


Robb has a music degree from Ball State University and calls Bend, Oregon home. He is also a Certified Yoga Therapist and an active member of local restorative justice and equity groups. 

Currently inspired by: Musicians and sound designers who push beyond expectations while channeling beauty, fun and connection.


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