Raquel Gutiérrez

SESSION: Friday, June 10, 9:00am


Raquel Gutierrez shares insights into the art of description and a practice centered on being a social index—a living human with the ability to provide a set of clear cross references for particular art happenings. And to do so for and alongside other practitioners, and particularly practitioners excelling in the practice of the self through the writing of a self in service to a collective and its communal expressions.



Raquel Gutiérrez is an arts critic/writer, poet and educator. Born and raised in Los Angeles Gutiérrez credits the queer and feminist DIY post-punk 'zine culture of the 1990s plus Los Angeles County and Getty paid arts internships with introducing her/them to the various vibrant art & music scenes and communities throughout Southern California. Gutiérrez is a 2021 recipient of the Rabkin Prize in Arts Journalism, as well as a 2017 recipient of the The Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. Her/Their writing has recently appeared in or is forthcoming in Art In America, NPR Music, Places Journal, and The Georgia Review. Gutiérrez teaches in the Oregon State University-Cascades Low Residency Creative Writing MFA Program. Her/Their first book of prose Brown Neon (Coffee House Press, June 2022) is an essay collection that considers the Latinx artist during the Trump era. Gutiérrez calls Tucson home.


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