Kamp Grizzly

Maker + Researcher + Lover


SESSION: Friday, October 22, 11:30-12:00pm, In-Person

Know Yourself

Join Kamp Grizzly’s Rob Lewis as he walks you down his unconventional path as an artist. With an unending passion for connection and expression, he invites you trust your feelings, open your mind and value your experiences--both positive and negative--while you carve out your own space as a creative human being. Rob will be joined by youth from Caldera Arts, and together, they'll describe what it means to creatively problem-solve with art and design through the lens of young people in our world today.



When Rob Lewis is not honing his craft as a designer and artist, he serves as an Art Director at Kamp Grizzly, a PDX creative agency with a focus on human interaction and connection. He works on “lots of different things” and is constantly exploring new ways of thinking and making.


As an artist, Rob remains receptive and connected to all that is happening around him in the world. His distinctive point of view showcases the keen eye of an observer. By making art and communing with brave artists, he has cultivated an appetite for difference, knowledge and free expression.


Rob is a native of Cincinnati and lives in Portland, Oregon. He hates meetings and likes buying records just to look at the covers.

Currently inspired by: Black music, handmade countercultural ephemera, Afro-Diasporic material and vernacular cultures, pleasure activism, Alison Saar


For 25 years, Caldera's mission has been "to be a catalyst for the transformation of youth from historically underserved communities through innovative, year-round art and environmental programs." Since 1996, Caldera has engaged more than 15,000 students through our direct work, performances, and exhibitions and has also trained and supported over 600 professional artists in mixed media, visual, performing artists, and more.


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