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SESSION: Thursday, October 22, 2:15

You Belong Here: Imposter syndrome and creating a culture of belonging

Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you're not good enough, undeserving of your success, or that people will discover that you're a big fraud. Perhaps you feel you have to fake it until you make it. Maybe you feel unworthy of the position you're in or afraid to move forward into a new one. 


In this workshop, Precious and Jen will lead you through conversations and creative exercises to explore imposter syndrome and its effects on your creative life. With new insight, you can deeply believe in your value and better advocate for yourself (and others!) at work and in life. We want you to unplug from the dominant culture narrative that you need to be perfect or be like anyone else in order to grow, learn, thrive and belong.


Precious comes from a family of immigrants, migrant farmers, veterans, journalists, artists and teachers. She’s a first generation Filipino American; born in San Francisco and raised in Stockton, California. Over the span of two decades, she’s been a designer and design educator. At the age of 22, she kicked off her career in San Francisco, working for a boutique design studio while teaching at the Academy of Art College in the evenings. For the majority of her career, she’s worked under her own small business—conquering the many challenges and accomplishments the entrepreneurial life has to offer. Her unique journey has shaped her experience, body of work, and the value she places in working with clients, teaching students and connecting diverse groups through design and design related events. 


Precious has called Portland home since 2001. Her studio amplifies the work of nonprofits and helps businesses grow through thoughtful branding. She is a senior adjunct professor at Portland State University in the School of Art + Design, teaching students about type details and branding for social good. In addition, she’s taught numerous public workshops on typography, paper craft, design and branding. In 2019 she became a member of the Design Portland jury, and works with a committee of local creatives and nonprofits to connect communities through dialogue and events.

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