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Pedro is a Human-Centered Designer and Deep Learning Engineer specializing in Generative Artificial Intelligence. He strongly believes that designing Joy as the centerpiece and guiding principle is the key to any venture’s success. An optimistic Practical Futurist with a firm belief in building a better future through Abundance, he often finds himself helping companies identify converging exponential technologies they can leverage to radically transform the world. He's the founder of Iterate Labs, an innovation studio that specializes in exploring the ethical application of Artificial Intelligence to amplify human potential. Pedro's latest research centers on the collaboration between humans and AI for creative endeavors. He explored this topic during his first TEDx talk titled: “Human + Machine isn’t the Future, it’s the Present.” One of his passion projects is composing and publishing music as the Human-AI duo "Abundant Sound".  Learn more at


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Thank you for attending Bend Design 2023!

SESSION: Keynote

Thursday, October 26, 10:15-11:00am

Generative Artificial Intelligence Revolution: How Diffusion Models and Pre-Trained Transformers are Shaping the Future of Creative Expression 

Gain a deeper understanding of the AI technology you're hearing all about. In this talk with Pedro Ruiz, a Human-Centered Designer and Deep Learning Engineer specializing in Generative Artificial Intelligence, will share the underlying technologies behind Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and GPT-4 so you can better leverage them to augment your work.

SESSION: Workshop

Friday, October 27, 8:30-12:00pm (Half day workshop)

Prompt Engineering for Creatives

Understanding how current generative models work and how to make them work for you. A.K.A: Prompt Architecture


Techniques to be covered:

  • Exploratory Prompts

  • Auto GPT (auto prompts)

  • Output-Focused Prompts

Stay tuned for 2024 updates!

Pedro Ruíz

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