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Nishat Akhtar is a designer and creative leader with 15+ years of experience in designing and leading initiatives for global brands. She is currently working as VP of Creative at Instrument, leading the design, and writing disciplines with 100+ creatives who specialize in product design, design systems and brand/marketing. Her portfolio spans across design, branding, content creation and interactive experiences for Nike, Google, the NBA and more. In addition to this work, Nishat has an ongoing illustration practice that is expressed in a variety of forms. This practice is often self-initiated though also includes work with The New York Times, ACLU and Adobe. Nishat has a deep care for the creative community, giving talks and art workshops across the globe (and via video) in both academic and non-structured environments. She loves the connection around a creative purpose and believes in the natural creative instinct within all people. Learn more at

Back to Bend Design Overview

SESSION: Keynote

Thursday, October 26, 2:15-3:00pm

Notating and Noticing, a Design Practice

Nishat Akhar, designer and creative leader at Portland-based agency, Instrument, will cover how observation is an essential tenant for design and creativity, citing examples, writings and methodologies to harness what you see into points of reference, inspiration and a point of view. Attendees will walk away with an understanding for how the simple act of noticing their surroundings can shape creative concepts, and influence their overall creative point of view.

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Nishat Akhtar

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