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painter, designer, principal of rosenworld, a design and animation studio. actually there is no studio, rosenwald works alone, and rosenworld doesn’t exist. in spite of this, was launched in 1995.


her illustration and design clients include the new york times, new york magazine, the atlantic, harper’s, vanity fair, and countless others. she's done hundreds of drawings for the new yorker.


rosenwald holds an incredibly popular workshop called “how to make mistakes on purpose.” the eponymous book has been published recently by hachette.

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SESSION: Workshop

Friday, October 14, 2:30-4:30pm

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: Bring Chaos to Your Order 

Making mistakes? Everyone who hears that says, “oh, I’m already quite good at that.” Ah, if this were only true. It’s not. You are highly skilled and when you get good at something, you repeat it. It’s satisfying to know it will turn out right. What’s wrong with that? Everything. Because shared tastes and experiences, plus digital technology equal no surprises. 

Laurie's workshops have been taught all over the world for Google, TEDx, Buzzfeed, Adobe, Ikea.. just to name a few. But, it’s not what you think it is. It is not a creativity workshop. Trying to be creative works about as well as trying to be charming.

Join Laurie for a two-hour workshop to look at what happens when you make mistakes. You surprise yourself, you surprise others, and that is priceless in a world where everything seems to have been done. Workshop includes a copy of her recent book, How to Make Mistakes On Purpose: Bring Chaos to Your Order (value $24.00)


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