creative director, designer, educator

SESSION: Thursday, October 22, 2:15

You Belong Here: Imposter syndrome and creating a culture of belonging

Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you're not good enough, undeserving of your success, or that people will discover that you're a big fraud. Perhaps you feel you have to fake it until you make it. Maybe you feel unworthy of the position you're in or afraid to move forward into a new one. 


In this workshop, Precious and Jen will lead you through conversations and creative exercises to explore imposter syndrome and its effects on your creative life. With new insight, you can deeply believe in your value and better advocate for yourself (and others!) at work and in life. We want you to unplug from the dominant culture narrative that you need to be perfect or be like anyone else in order to grow, learn, thrive and belong.


Jen Wick works to create engaging, relevant design systems and editorial solutions for clients in the arts, publishing, education and nonprofit industries through her studio Fort Wick.


Over the last 20 years, Jen has helped bring countless publications to life, and has created, commissioned and directed just as many illustrations, photo shoots, events, and marketing packages. She has also had the chance to fine-tune her collaborative process, and the opportunity to grow and evolve alongside her clients. Jen helps them to better understand their own unique vision by building relationships and approaching every collaboration as a process of discovery, bringing content and information to life, and creating real and relatable visual identities together. Jen is also a community mentor and educator. 


Jen seeks out work that is both fun and meaningful, creative and collaborative—work that informs and delights. She thrives working on projects that lead to lasting relationships that promote growth in her own practice as well as her clients’.

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