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Hope Meng is a San Francisco-based designer specializing in brand identity, custom lettering, and type-driven design. She believes in the power of letters to communicate through both their content and their form. Hope is the designer behind Monogram Project and the artist behind TEXT/TILE Studio.

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SESSION: Workshop

Friday, October 14, 3:30-5:00pm

Modern Monograms

In November 2015, Hope Meng began an ambitious personal project to draw every two-letter combination in the alphabet. Since then, she has drawn over 100 monograms--discovering along the way that this practice is an excellent baby step into the world of type or lettering design. Monograms encourage you to find and exploit the relationships between letters, inspiring you to think differently (and more creatively) about the way you construct them. In this workshop, Hope will present two different methods she uses for creating a unique monogram, and get you started sketching your own unique design while offering critique for the continued refinement of your piece.

Hope's exhibition, 2 Into 1, will also be on display at the Scalehouse Gallery.


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