Dot Lung Social Media

Global Social Media Strategist + Speaker + World Traveler


SESSION: Friday, October 22, 9:00-10:00am, Virtual Livestream

How to Survive a Pandemic, War and the Instagram Algorithm

How to rebuild your social media from scratch. Learn social media survival skills to overcome pandemics, war and algorithmic changes. Dot will share her social media strategy that generated multiple 6-figures during the Covid-19 lockdown!



In the Mandarin language, Lung means “Dragon.” For Dot Lung, dragons are magical, fierce creatures capable of changing the world….and busting algorithms. With this spirit of belief and tenacity, she became a sought-after social media fireball with over 90,000 little dragons under her wing learning and growing together. 


Dot’s social media career formally began at OFFF Festival in Barcelona, where she was in charge of the online community and audience engagement. This morphed into helping industry giants such as Facebook and Wix navigate a noisy digital world and create exceptional digital experiences via unique, relatable content. She has been featured in Vanity Fair Italy and has spoken at University of Barcelona, AdWorld, Vidcon and other creative gatherings. An active social media user since the dinosaur days of MySpace, Dot’s dream is to empower people to build social media empires through strong online identities and engaged communities. 


After growing up in Los Angeles, Dot traveled the world and now calls Barcelona home. (Although she lives 24/7 on all social media platforms.)

Currently inspired by:  Emily Heyward


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