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SESSION: Tuesday, October 20, 12:30

Manifestations of White Supremacy in Design

Hear from a diverse panel of Black creatives on their experiences working in Oregon’s white-dominated design industry. 

With: Danielle McCoy (Designer at Wieden + Kennedy) and Justin Morris (Creative Director at Kamp Grizzly). Moderated by Jason Graham / MOsley WOtta.


Danielle McCoy is an Antiguan-born, multidisciplinary designer and artist currently based in Portland, Oregon.

In the realm of graphic design, she predominantly focuses on brand identity, editorial design, typography and art direction for commercial and cultural clients across various mediums. She believes in taking a holistic approach to design, thoughtfully considering how it should serve people by improving their lives, while looking good too.

In her art practice, Danielle is especially interested in examining the routine’s role as a foundational constituent of behavior, language, identity and institutions. It is through that lens she explores race, gender and culture.

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