For Freedoms

Writer + Seeker + Conversation Starter


SESSION: Friday, October 22, 11:00-12:00pm, Virtual Livestream

Telling Visual Stories Through a Lens of Justice

Through art and the insights of those who create it, beauty can thoughtfully weave together hidden narratives. When appreciated in its fullness, beauty can stir appreciation, invite curiosity, and inspire conversation. Join Anisa Tavangar of For Freedoms in an exploration of the following questions: What story are we telling? How can art (and the voices of artists) become a catalyst for justice and beauty? How can we be more visionary and less reactionary?



Anisa Tavangar hangs out at the intersection of art, justice and spirituality and is a writer and curator at For Freedoms, an arts organization that uses the voices of artists to further public discourse and reshape essential conversations. Her work fosters creative collaboration between museums, artist studios, galleries, publications, and justice organizations across art, culture and design to explore how beauty in all forms can foster justice.


For Freedoms reframes how art can shed light on our current reality.


Anisa holds a degree in Art History and Africana Studies from Barnard College of Columbia University and is based in New York and Philadelphia.


Currently inspired by: Artists and activists such as Celine Semaan, Ruha Benjamin, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Nicola Vassell, Joiri Minaya, Farah Al Qasimi, Jordan Casteel and the team at For Freedoms


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