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SESSION: Friday, October 22, 1:30-2:30pm, In-Person

Democratizing Sustainable Fashion

What is the role of the designer in the modern age of reuse, resale, and recycling? With sustainable fashion and responsible consumption landing far beyond so many people's budgets, there's often no choice but to shop from environmentally and ethically harmful brands. Angela Luna, Founder and Creative Director of ADIFF, invites us to consider alternative methods of fashion consumption that won't destroy the planet or our wallets.



Angela Luna is changing what society thinks fashion can accomplish. As the Founder and Creative Director of ADIFF, she is most recognizable for her transformable outerwear designed to assist refugees by converting a jacket into a tent.


Inspired by the phrase "make a difference," ADIFF empowers marginalized communities and fights climate change through ethical fashion that is as useful and wearable as possible. Angela's medium is fashion, but at her core she's a designer of systems and passionate about connecting global issues with design. 


Angela released her latest fashion collection in an open-source "cookbook" as a way to democratize sustainable fashion and inspire responsible consumption. With detailed "recipes," including step-by-step illustrations from six contemporary fashion brands, the Cookbook empowers people to make their own clothing from items that are readily available in their own homes.


Angela is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and won the school's Womenswear Designer of the Year award. She is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Art + Design.

Currently inspired by: Garment lifecycle, waste colonialism, upcycling


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