Brad Cloepfil

Architecture, Educator

Architect, educator, and principal of Allied Works Architecture, Brad Cloepfil creates culturally resonant architectural designs that are forged by the defining elements of their mission and site. Cloepfil’s earliest influences lay outside the field of architecture—from the vast landscapes and monumental works of civil engineering in the Pacific Northwest, to the simple yet profoundly affecting gestures of land and installation artists. One of his earliest defining projects was the Maryhill Overlook, completed in 1998, the first in a series of site-specific interventions and installation designs in diverse landscapes across the Pacific Northwest. In the years since, his body of work has continued to be as informed by the history of place as it is by his formal training. His approach to design combines a research-intensive focus on the specific character of each project with an understanding of the transformative possibilities of architecture.