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June Park

SESSION: Workshop, Friday, June 10, 10:30am, Room 109

Creativity Rooted in Who We Are

A practice for cultivating internal space and curiosity for understanding your complex and nuanced identities to create authentic and meaningful art.



June expresses in their art the energy between the natural world and their identities as a Korean, American, immigrant, non-binary femme, and lover of outdoor/rural life. They hope their flavor of "just being" encourages others to acknowledge and celebrate the multitude of identities we each hold. None of us wants to be boxed into stereotypes that don't fit.


Their family immigrated to Moscow, Idaho from Seoul, South Korea when June was an infant. June ran wild outdoors throughout their childhood, and now continues to run wild in Central Oregon.  As a life-long creator, artist, and writer, most of the inspiration for their art is drawn from the rhythm and energy of the natural world, and the perspective they've gained moving through this world as a queer person of color who grew up in rural America. 


Harnessing energy for their creativity also means making sure to give back to the communities and landscapes that inspire their art. Growing up in a small town and being raised with Korean values have given them a strong sense of respect and love for the outdoors and communities that take care of each other. They commit to always give a portion of their revenue to supporting the local communities and preservation efforts in the places that inspire them.


They currently live in Bend, OR with their husband Chris and rambunctious rescue dog Leche. The trio can be found wandering around the trails, lakes, and rivers in the surrounding area. Learn more about June at


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