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Upcoming Events


Rejoice! Community Dance Ensemble Workshop and Performance on September 9, 2017

Rejoice! returns to Bend after their evocative performance at the 2016 Bend Design Conference for a Contemporary Dance Workshop and Public Performance. 
Rejoice! is an ensemble of multi-dimensional dancers challenging the constructs of power by presenting the importance of history, perspectives, and cultural contributions. Rejoice! offers a platform for emerging and established artists to engage in the collaboration and creation of new works. The dancers express tradition through a contemporary lens, bridging a vast cultural history with the complex present. 
WORKSHOP (12:00 pm to 1:30 pm): $30.00
This Community Dance Class will include an introductory movement class incorporating influences from West Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and Contemporary American dance forms. Participants will engage in bridging storytelling, folklore, and community building through dance. Participants will have the opportunity to perform in the evening performance with the Rejoice! Ensemble. No performance experience is necessary. Open minds and open hearts are strongly encouraged.

PERFORMANCE (7:00 pm to 8:00 pm): $25.00

Led by artistic director Oluyinka Akinjiola, Rejoice! weaves together dance, storytelling, and live music illustrating rich histories and making social commentary through movements of the African Diaspora and contemporary dance forms. The Portland, Oregon based group presents cultural history and traditions from Africa and the Diaspora inspired by icons like Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Xica da Silva and the Yoruba deity Oshún.

Upcoming Events

Creative Activism: Past, Present, and Future

Daniela Molnar, November 11, 10 – 4

This workshop starts with an inspiring, multi-disciplinary, global tour through historical approaches that artists and designers have used to confront social/political/cultural/ecological crises.
Participants will then look at ways that contemporary artists are merging art and activism. The workshop will conclude with time to reflect on and discuss what it might look like for participants to engage with activism in their own creative way. While this workshop doesn’t necessarily need to align with any particular political ideology, it should.